chocolate affect the trip

How Does Chocolate Affect The Trip?

We’re living in incredible times, aren’t we? A couple of years ago, no one even thought about legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing magic mushrooms. Modern society is rapidly sweeping away and destroying all possible stereotypes and fears about using drugs of organic origin.

Psilocybin plants especially excite the mind of the buyer. More and more information appears in our field of vision about mushroom edibles, the stores that sell them, benefits, and side effects. Here, you can get a minimum of knowledge about how the combination of chocolate and psychedelic mushrooms affects a person.

What is chocolate shroom?

As you probably already know, psilocybin magic mushrooms contain a hallucinogenic component called psilocybin. Once in the stomach, in its acidic environment, this substance turns into psychoactive psilocin, which is responsible for the occurrence of unrealistic effects, trance, and trip sensations.

Usually, trip lovers consume the product raw or dried and in the form of a decoction. However, most admit that this is not the best choice for several reasons.

 Firstly, the taste of the plant causes a feeling of nausea since the mushroom smells strong and perceives as dirt on the tongue.

 Secondly, eating a piece of chocolate on the street, at home, at a party, or even at the end of the working day is much more convenient and enjoyable than explaining to others why you are pouring a handful of mushrooms from the bag onto your palm.

These are the reasons that led to the appearance of the mushroom edible chocolate bar in stores.

This type of dessert greatly facilitates the use of the product. In addition, chocolate saturates us with the necessary sugar, essential to maintain during the trip.

More about psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars effects

Experts say that shroom chocolate often affects consumers in the same way as regular dried herbs. However, it is necessary to take into account several key aspects, namely:

  • Inaccurate dosage.

This shouldn’t bother you if you have a rough idea that eating all the tiles in one go is not the best idea in your life. The fact is that the raw product is a clear equivalent of the corresponding substance in grams.  In the case of various edible delicacies, the hallucinogenic drug may not be distributed evenly during cooking. Thus, if you bite off two slices on one side, the mushroom chocolate effects can be many times stronger than using the same two slices on the other side of the tile.

  • More pronounced effect.

With the right choice of the store, you will feel that the trip starts a little earlier (about 20 minutes) and will be more intense than usual because chocolate’s natural properties enhance the psychedelic effect. This is primarily due to the double impact on serotonin receptors of a mix of sweet and psilocybin.

  • No taste. 

The disguised taste of mushrooms won’t distract you. So the trip will be more smooth and pleasant if you take a bar of exceptional chocolate, gummies, cakes, candies, or similar edibles.