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Importance of Videos for Nowadays Business Market

Corporate videos, event filming, explaining informative videos are of immense importance for any of nowadays markets. A short marketing or sales video, animation video might just be for you, making your business the most glamorous one. You may also need the services of the best explainer video companies that provide diverse types of informative video helping your customers. So there’s never been a better time to be a client of Explainly.

Corporate video production has morphed somewhat into digital content. However, it still requires all the traditional techniques though; a strong script, sound storytelling and is nicely shot. However, you’ll find nowadays that you get more for your dollar. The camera and editing equipment are much cheaper. There’s more variety in the types of Directors, Editors, and Cameraman you can work with because the entry barriers to the industry are lower.

Some facts about video content

75% of Executives told Forbes magazine that they watch work-related video content on business websites at least once a week.

Research by the Online Publishers Association has found that 22% of people who watch an online video they want to find out more about the content of that video. That could be your business! 15% went on to visit the business that appeared in that content.

According to ComScore, you are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

Research has found that you have only 10 seconds to grab your viewer’s attention.
You’ll lose 1/3 of your viewers by 30 seconds and 60% by two minutes.

That’s why you need some help from professional companies. Video has exploded on the internet over the past 5 years, however, there’s a huge amount of content out there and everybody’s doing it, so how do you make yourself heard and seen?

Corporate video production is actually a bit of an old-fashioned word now. Advertising agencies used to make TV ads and the rest of us made corporate videos. That’s all changed.

There’s a huge middle ground of content. Digital content is now even bigger than video productions produced for television. There’s online video content, video case studies, promotional animation films, video content produced for salesmen in meetings, and corporate video content for business events.

Prices can range. For instance, you may need $1000 for a one-day shoot and edit to $100, 000 for a ten-minute film for a large corporation traveling to various offices around the world.

Budgets are lower but the quality is higher

Ten years ago to make a corporate video a whole film crew would have turned up; a cameraman, a producer, a sound man, lights, etc. Now video content can be produced just using experienced shoot directors.

What’s happened?

Well, camera equipment became cheaper but much better quality. So the cost entry barriers into the industry lowered. More talented editors and cameramen were able to shoot contemporary-looking videos. With more people vying for work, the day’s rates dropped (they were ridiculously high anyway!)

There are some great corporate video production agencies out there. The majority of whom may only consist of a director and editor, but because of the way our business now works… size really doesn’t matter!

Just be aware that the term corporate video production covers a whole range of video or digital content.