Email Marketing

The Way Email Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Imagine being able to send out full-color marketing to customers for less than the price of a Second Class stamp. Imagine that this was your only cost per month and that cost included all the design, sending, and tracking of that marketing. Imagine that marketing is being tracked in ‘real-time’ where you can receive an email notification that the recipient has been automatically, electronically taken to your website, left quality reviews, spend more time on the website than usual, etc.

Green you say! What if we told you that marketing was a totally green and efficient way for you to reach clients. No wastage of paper and ink, and they have the option of simply deleting or automatically unsubscribing with one click.

We all receive full-color HTML emails every day, eBay, Amazon to name a couple. Have you ever thought about how a professionally designed and branded HTML email being securely delivered to your clients will look and will transform your website traffic?

Cheap, Green, Globally Seen

Like most super ideas, there has to be a catch, isn’t there? Not here…… this is the most cost-effective, carbon-neutral marketing you will ever use, where you physically see the results.

For less than the price of a stamp per card, you can find a company that can design and sends your eye-catching card to all your database.

Email Marketing

Is the brochure, flyer or advertisement for the future. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or off, marketing by email will save you money, drive traffic to your website, build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, create sales and increase your profits. With more business conducted online today than ever before, your company needs to constantly update its clients and customers via its website. Unless they bookmark, order regularly, leaving positive feedback and having a pleasant customer experience, or simply stumble across your website using a Search Engine, you are missing out daily to thousands of visitors.

Search Engines are great, but getting recognized in the top ten in many search categories is now a very expensive business. Direct contact with customers, driving them automatically and electronically to your website, is a clever way to guarantee that they see your website. Web surfing via Search Engines is very anonymous unless a visitor makes a conscious inquiry or a purchase directly, you would never know they would have been in. You could target, track and tie your customers in with your website on a monthly basis, all for a set amount a month. With 71% of all business now conducted through email, there is never a better time to subscribe to this kind of marketing… before your competitors do!.

All electronic newsletters have an automatic ‘unsubscribe’ which links directly to our server and takes the recipient off your send list automatically. So any recipient who prefers not to receive any subsequent newsletters will not get another until they ask you directly in the future. The system allows unsubscribing to actually query the database afterward and find if indeed the email address has been taken off as asked. The system is totally compliant with Spam laws, and you can relax in thinking that this very important issue is automatically covered in the cost.

Choose the company with the award-winning design skills to create a bespoke email newsletter design that has an impact for your company, fully inclusive.

An email link can be set up directly to you which tells you exactly when, where, and who has interacted with your email newsletter. Rather than never knowing if your ‘printed’ brochure has hit the bin or is laying on a desk, you know who is following your direct link to your website, fully inclusive.

You can track the monthly updates on which parts of your marketing are of the highest interest.