Customer Reviews Importance

Local Business and Customer Reviews Importance

Are you interested in how valuable are customer reviews to customers nowadays? Indeed, it is of great importance. The recent research states that 90% of buyers check out numerous negative and positive online reviews before visiting any website, ordering some services. You should also know that 88% of consumers rely on listed online reviews. They are extremely powerful as they serve as personal recommendations.

9 among 10 consumers consider an online review to be a push for purchase.
Thousands of customers all over the world are ready to pay up to 31% more if the chosen business/service has numerous “excellent” reviews.

72% of surveyed people think that positive reviews can really make them trust more when it goes about some local business.

92% of buyers are ready to use the offered services of any local or worldwide business if it has at least a reliable 4-star rating and the reviews are not fake.

72% of purchasers tend to make some steps as soon as they finish reading 10-15 positive reviews for a particular product or service.

There are other factors that must be considered while online shopping, choosing services, etc.

For example, 27% of people are looking for brand reliability that can be easily proved, taking even a little investigation online.

21% of buyers admire professionalism the most. So the chosen website should have good product descriptions, a successful story of development, highly skilled specialists.

18% of customers in their turn consider reputation traits to be the most important factor for some local business.
86% of people may often have some hesitations whether to buy something at a website that has even a few negative reviews, especially that are fully described and with photo proves.

In general, 1-star got on Yelp can easily boost business leads from 5% up to 9% jump in monthly revenue. Meanwhile, just one negative review can seriously harm your business. The average number of customers who can refuse to book your services in such a case is 30.

You should know that an account on Yelp is a must-have thing at the current moment, as 26,380 reviews are posted on this platform every minute.

98% of Yelp users who were looking for some business on Yelp and managed to find positive reviews, made the purchases there.

And it is shocking that 80% of daily Yelp users are those people who decide to make a purchase, that’s why they are looking for additional information on Yelp.

How Is It Effective to Cope with Negative Reviews?

In case you get a negative review, there are multiple options that you can do to rescue the situation significantly.

– You should always answer politely and promptly;
– Be calm, admit your errors and find the way to solve the problem, compensate caused inconveniences;
– Correct everything as soon as possible;
– Highlight your strong sides;
– Communicate with a customer like a person, not like a robot or corporation;
– Provide refund if it is possible;
– Ask every customer to share his experience;
– Always try to be consistent;
– Learn how rating and review platforms work to get more benefits from all these process.