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Business Success and Online Reviews

This year, all types of businesses should generate reviews. This aspect is directly connected to business success. Starting from hotels to hardware software, from online stores to beauty salons, all the customers are surfing the Internet to search the online review platforms. The biggest among them are Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Maps. They are aimed to provide a needed piece of advice and honest feedback on service received. Frankly speaking, online reviews affect buyer decisions in 93 of 100 cases. There’s a vivid tendency, more positive reviews on a website leads to more customers.

An online review is a powerful tool that can easily create social proof. In addition, it increases the level of consumer trust. It has never been easier to get a direct line to your customers. Just build the right strategy, provide quality services and monitor online feedback. You should constantly improve the working processes. Excellent buyer experience buyer means getting positive online reviews. It is never too late to start just providing education for your customers, converting them into loyal customers, informing them about the huge importance of leaving reviews. Always remember to optimize your listings on the above-mentioned platforms and make sure that you provide excellent customer service.

Every company not depending on its niche must use the benefits of online reviews. If you still are not sure about this, maybe the given statistics will change the situation drastically.

General Facts

97% of customers check out online reviews for any of the desired local businesses;
90% of surveyed people state that positive online reviews influence their buying choices (negative reviews form 86% of buying decisions, so you can easily lose a customer in such a way).

91% of people (age 18-34) believe that online reviews are totally reliable.

93% experience the powerful impact of reviews on their habits.

89% looking for responses provided by businesses and the way problems are solved.

93% of mobile searches for a particular product or service are successful, people buy something if they see they can trust this retailer. (Still, pay attention that physical stores have more purchases daily than online ones.)

If a person sees a 3.3-star rating, it is still enough to shop at this place.

Very often you need to ask your customers to leave a review and 68 of 100 people will do it for you.

The Importance of Positive Reviews
If you get just a 1-star increase on your Yelp account, then there are high chances that the rating of your leads will raise (about 5-9%).

Invest states that people are more eager to spend their money (31% more) in those stores, companies, businesses that have lots of brilliant reviews. This factor proves they are professionals.

When it goes about B2B buyers (92%) they usually prefer buying something as soon as they finish reading the review.

Negative Reviews Can Ruin Everything

94% of surveyed people admit that positive reviews can make them think they are making the right decision.

If some business is featured with a 1 or 2-star rating, then only 13% of customers can stay with them.

Four out of five consumers can quickly change the final purchasing decision if there is a negative review.
As you can see, the list of positive online reviews is the key to your business success, as this factor shows how trustworthy your brand is and how quality is your product/service.