Retail Manager

Top Retail Manager Plus Sales Screen

The sales screen provides all the point of sale features that are required in a busy retailing environment.

Retail Manager

Plus prints invoices, checks, and credit card vouchers where required. Seamless integration for credit authorization is available to streamline customer credit card sales. Other features of the easy-to-use sales screen include:
Voids, refunds/returns, line, and total discounts can all be performed and monitored.

Multiple tender types

Customer accounts (credits and debits)
Product location, price, and order look-up
Stock quotation and reservation facilities
Print receipts line by line, at end of the sale or on-demand
Lay sales away

Search and re-print previous transactions

Purchase Ordering

The purchase ordering section of Retail Manager Plus can be assessed where it is needed most: in the accounts’ office, the stock control office, or both. Reports can be accessed and printed locally so that department managers and proprietors can have access to the management information required from their own offices.

Portable Data Capture

Units, A cost-effective solution to record stock movements without the need to move the stock to the tills or back office. Hand-held terminals can be used to record sales, stock deliveries, stock takes, and inter-branch transfers for later download to Retail Manager Plus.

System Maintenance

With multiple back-office terminals, new product additions, promotions, price changes, and all aspects of operator control are made easier than ever.

Head Office Retail Manager

Plus can be extended to include a comprehensive head office control and reporting system for the multi-store retailer. Pricing and product maintenance controls are used to set branch parameters, and fully featured reporting keeps control at head office. Orders can be raised for branches, and powerful inter-branch transfer facilities will help minimize redundant stock holdings.

Customer Management

Retail Manager Plus is the perfect system for you to successfully manage your client base, ensuring improved customer service, repeat sales, and increased value per purchase. Here are just some of the advanced features the company can offer you:

Customer accounts can be assigned discount parameters, sales messages, and alternative price structures.

Customer orders/reservations can be taken along with deposits and stage payments
Customer accounts can be placed on hold.

Customer loyalty schemes with special product bonuses can be set up.

Credit card style loyalty cards can be used to identify customers quickly and easily at POS.

Reports Retail Manager

Plus can run up to 120 separate reports from till register reports to management profitability reports. More importantly, the system allows you to choose how you want to view the report, letting you choose only the most important data that you need to review.

The type of reports available include:

Stock reports by levels, reorder quantities, discrepancies, valuation, losses
Product reports by department, profitability, price.
Till reports by transactions, audit, operator activity, discounts, voids, refunds
Sales reports by fastest moving, the slowest moving, profitability, products, departments, suppliers.

Support for Mobile Devices

Checking in goods and stock-taking are two of the biggest problems larger retailers face.

In order to overcome this, the company has developed RM Remote which is a link from Retail Manager Plus to mobile hand-held computers, such as rugged PDAs. The mobile software allows operators to select whether they are performing a stock take or a delivery. The products are then scanned using the terminal’s scanner, and the quantity delivered or counted is entering. When attached to the master unit, this information is then passed directly to Retail Manager Plus, automatically updating the stock information where required.